You open your pregnancy app to find out that your baby is the size of an avocado…well, that's great but what's really going on in there.

Week 1 to 8

Its early days, you may not even be aware that you are pregnant yet! but in this state of being blissfully unaware your body has already fertilised an egg, created the amniotic sac which holds cushioning fluid to surround your babe all while developing the life-supporting placenta.

By the end of week 8 your babies brain and spine begin to form including the muscles of their eyes, nose and mouth.

Little hands and feet are present and the lungs are already being formed ready to breathe in air when that time comes.

Incredibly huh!

Week 9 to 16

We have fingernails, people! But more importantly, your baby's organs are beginning to form and function. For instance, the kidneys begin to create urine and the pancreas starts to release insulin.

Genitals are also starting to form but won't be completely visible until ~20 weeks.
Your baby has eyelids but their eyes remain closed for now.
Towards 16 weeks your baby’s hearing starts to develop so your chitter-chatter is actually being listened to, mumma.

Week 17-20

This is when you really begin to feel how your baby is moving. The area in their brain that controls motor function is now completely developed. Their digestive system is functional and you will finally be able to see their cute little features on ultrasound.

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If you’ve heard of the peach fuzz that covers newborns,that develops now. It's called lanugo and it is a soft downy hair that you may still see once they’re born.

Week 21 to 28

Things begin to ramp up here and you may feel it in their kicks. Your baby is getting strong.
Their sucking reflex is starting to develop, their skin is still wrinkled but becoming more plump as they start to produce fatty tissue.

Their eyes can now open and close and loud sounds can startle your baby which you may feel as they retract their arms and legs in a sudden way.

Week 29 to 36

Got heartburn? Is the myth true? well if it is this is the time it will happen as your baby can start to grow hair on their head.

Eyes can now sense changes in light and their movements become more intricate.
On Ultrasound you may see this by your baby stretching, kicking and showing grasping motions.

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Closer to 36 weeks your baby’s limbs will begin to look chubby, their bones are getting stronger and this is the time your baby starts to get in the position for birth, being head down.

Week 37 to 42

You’ve made it to term and your baby is ready.

The lung, brain and nervous systems are complete.

The musculoskeletal system is completed, bones are hard but remain soft and mobile for birth. Your baby’s movement patterns should remain the same. Any changes prompt a midwife or doctor review.

Now the real waiting game begins… You’ve got this!