Scans in pregnancy: navigating the confusion.

There's a-lot to organise once you have found out that you’re pregnant. It can be completely overwhelming. 

The common narrative goes a little bit like this; 

  • 1 You first have a blood test with your GP that confirms that yes your pee was correct and you are pregnant.
  • 2 You then get given a form for more blood tests… sigh and referred for three scans to be performed at different stages of your pregnancy.

We hope that these scans and the purpose of them were explained in detail with you at your first appointment however most commonly in a time poor system you get the bare minimum or no explanation at all. So let's provide some clarity.

The dating scan 

When is it performed? between 6-12 weeks of pregnancy. 

What can it identify? This scan is going to identify how many babies are in the womb and help to confirm your due date. This can be helpful if you are unsure of when your baby was conceived or you have an irregular cycle. 

What you may see: This scan is 2D and depending on your gestation you may see a jellybean size baby and be able to visually see a beating heart.

The nuchal translucency scan 

When is it performed? Preferably between 11-13 weeks of pregnancy 

What can it identify? The purpose of the nuchal translucency scan is to help identify babies that are at an increased risk of having a chromosomal abnormality. The most common chromosomal condition you may have heard of is Down syndrome also known as T21. 

During this scan the sonographer will measure the fluid in the skin at the back of your baby's neck. This measurement is called the nuchal translucency and an increased thickness may be an indicator of a chromosomal abnormality. 

It is important to note that this is a screening tool and not a diagnostic tool. If your scan shows an abnormal result this measurement will be looked at in combination with other prenatal scans and investigations to establish risk. 

To be considered at an “ increased risk” the results need to be a 1:300 chance or greater. 

Remember this does not mean that your baby has a chromosomal abnormality. You will be referred to a genetic counsellor to discuss diagnostic tools if you choose to do so. 

What you may see? 

Like your dating scan, you will see a 2D black and white image of your baby. However now that the baby has grown you will be able to see a more distinct outline of the baby's face and possibly some movements. 

What does Baby Bump Imaging provide at this gestation? 

Sneak peak baby bump scan - Offers 15 min ultrasound, 2D/3D/4D/5D and HD Real View scanning with a keepsake to take home. Get a closer and more intimate experience of your baby and their internal world.

The morphology scan 

When is it performed? 18-20 weeks of pregnancy 

What can it identify? The morphology scan shows a detailed look into how your baby is growing, checking their body, the umbilical cord, how the placenta is growing, and the amniotic fluid that surrounds them. 

This scan will identify if there are any abnormalities with development and check that growth is on par with the estimated due date. 

If your placenta has grown low in the uterus, you may be told that you have a low lying placenta during this scan. Don’t be alarmed because as your uterus grows your placenta will most likely move out of the way. A follow up scan in a few weeks will be organised to confirm this. 

What you may see? This is the scan you have been waiting for, although it is still 2D at least their genitals have grown enough to tell whether you're growing a little boy or girl (that’s if you want to know of course). You will also see their legs and arms waving about, possibly a little thumb suck, peace sign who knows… The downside is that these images are not very clear and lack the details that Baby Bump Imaging provides. 

So now that your screening ultrasounds are out of the way Baby bump imaging can be a great way to tune in and bond with your baby in a relaxed and loving environment. 

Without the stress of wondering if everything is okay. 

With our 3D technology you will be able to see the beautiful features of your baby inside the womb and watch as they interact with their internal environment. 

Our packages are carefully curated to guide you through the different stages of your pregnancy.

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